Get to Know Your Fellow Yogi: Jason

1. How long have you been practicing yoga at the Detroit Yoga Lab? Almost a year.

2. Class you take most often: Slow Flow is my primary class. I have started to go to more vinyasa classes now that I feel I’m progressing in my practice and comfort level.

3. Favorite Pose? My favorite poses are balancing poses. I am personally terrible at them,  and need the most work on them. Even when I fall out of a pose and get frustrated, I know I’m getting better at it!

4. Why yoga? Physically I work out three times a week and have been trying to do yoga four times a week as well…it’s like a martial art you practice on yourself. It compliments the workouts I do already, plus isn’t too extreme to where I can’t perform at a labor-heavy construction job. Mentally it’s such a positive practice. All of the teachers are phenomenal at what they do. If you fall out of/can’t do a pose, you don’t have to sit on the bench, or not make the team. Doing your best is all that’s required. It’s the best all natural antidepressant!

5. What challenge has yoga helped you overcome? I had a lot of sciatic nerve pain prior to yoga that I don’t even feel anymore. I broke my ankle a few years ago and I never did any physical therapy, and go figure, it hurt most of the time. Feels great now and my lower back pain is nonexistent now. I’ve been flat-footed my whole life, but with yoga I’ve noticed that I’m not as flat footed anymore! Amazing!

6. Advice for beginners: Don’t force a pose!! Keep going to classes!!! Breathe!! Just show up and try your best. It’s so very worth it.

7. Your mantra at the moment: If you drink more water, eat more vegetables, do all the yoga, you will be a happier person. If you do nothing you will get nothing.