Get to Know Your Fellow Yogi: Paty

1. How long have you been practicing yoga at the Detroit Yoga Lab? Five years.

2. Class you take most often: Vinyasa or Infrared Hot Vinyasa.

3. Favorite Pose? My favorite pose to practice right now is crow.

4. Why yoga? I choose yoga over other activities because yoga allows me to physically experience lessons on my mat that I can apply to help me through life, has helped me gain more strength than anything else I have done, and is fun to practice.

5. What challenge has yoga helped you overcome? Yoga has helped me through challenges with my confidence, because every time I practice I am reminded of how strong I am physically and mentally.

6. Advice for beginners: Stick with it and modify poses when needed. When I started I had to modify so many poses, but meeting myself where I was and using modifications is ultimately what helped me build more strength for the poses.

7. Your mantra at the moment: My current mantra is to tell myself  “I am enough.”