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My Story:
One of the most amazing things about yoga is that after practicing for 7 years, I am still learning new things about life and myself in every class. It builds on itself forever and there is always more than you ever imagined coming your way. It is about trust, in yourself most of all. When you learn to to begin to drop all the things that don’t serve you in life or in your practice, this is when you begin to see everything around you in a whole new light. When the poses get hard you stick with them, you breathe through them and you trust in the only constant in life: CHANGE. The feelings you feel about the pose you are holding are guaranteed to change and usually for the better. Sticking with the pose is a function of your mind; you simply need to tell yourself you can do it. Your legs will not fall off. The next step is taking this mentality off the mat when you leave class and into your daily life where a whole lot of situations are hard to deal with but are a necessary to handle. Begin to trust that you can do it, you can handle it, that you can hold that “pose” in life, and come out stronger and wiser than you were before. I love you Detroit Yoga Lab for helping me find these truths, for trusting and loving me, and for fostering the goodness in life through generosity and love. Thank you Naomi and crew. Namaste