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My Story:
Obese and searching. That’s where I was before I found Detroit Yoga Lab. I can promise you I wasn’t searching for yoga, more likely, it was for a snack. If someone had told me answers would come with yoga practice, I would have rolled my eyes. Quite frankly, I thought yoga was dumb, for skinny people or weird hippies. Turns out, yoga at Detroit Yoga Lab is truly a home for everyone. I’ve learned that if I can work to conquer my inner critic while pushing myself to be stronger for myself, challenges that come from the outside are opportunities for growth, not roadblocks. Now, almost two years later, I’ve met some incredible people that I’m fortunate and proud to call friends and I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. So today, I’m not thin and I’m certainly not graceful, BUT, I’m so much stronger than I was before I joined this community.