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My Story:
I started practicing about 10 years ago. Yoga has saved my life time and time again. I’ve suffered migraines and depression for 20 years, and yoga is my sanity, my spiritual center, my gift to myself. It is one of the most rewarding and most challenging ways I live my life – and I am so lucky to be privileged enough to practice how, where, and when I want. Detroit Yoga Lab is my home, my family, my happy place. During certain busy periods in life, I don’t physically make it to the studio, but I am there every day in spirit, and the studio – and my yoga family – is part of me always. I have practiced in Dallas, Chicago, Roanoke, San Diego, Bali, Chile, Argentina….but finding Detroit Yoga Lab made Detroit my home. I lived in the city for two years before I practiced regularly here, and I was miserable. I moved here for someone else, and it took a long time for me to actually be happy in Detroit. The studio was the first place here I felt at peace – the first step in my journey to adopting Detroit as my home. My heart is finally here, at Detroit Yoga Lab, in Detroit. Much love.