Detroit Yoga Lab’s 200RYT Certified Teacher Training is extensive, organized and knowledgeable. You will super charge your own practice and spiritual development while preparing to intelligently and confidently guide others. Training includes daily practice and meditation, practical anatomy, philosophy, strategic sequencing, finding your voice, practice teaching, interpersonal work, and technical alignment principles. The training was created by Naomi Gold who studies with internationally recognized vinyasa teachers Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruikshank, Kia Miller and Kathryn Budig. The 5 key tenets of this training are:

Asana: Your practice will grow to a new level during this training. Through a daily physical yoga practice you will learn how to use the poses to more deeply understand yourself and expand your knowledge of how to physically and energetically align.

Sequencing: Plan intelligent, dynamic and effective classes; develop verbal and physical assists and adjusting to enhance your sequencing; and start to develop a vocabulary of Sanskrit names and meanings.

Teaching Technique: Find your authentic voice and learn how to hold space for yourself and your students with honesty, integrity and grace. Learn foundational modifications and variations to teach a well balanced class to multiple levels.

Meditation, Mantra + Pranayama: Find a practice that works for you. Learn the how + why of incorporating meditation, sound and breath into your yoga practice. Develop a consistent daily practice that will stick with you for a lifetime and build confidence to share these practices when you teach.

Sacred Texts: Dig into the Yoga Tradition by studying the Yoga Sutras and other philosophical texts and delve into deep dialogue with a diverse group of students about how these texts are (and sometimes are not) relative in the modern yoga practice. Understand what principles resonate with you and learn ways to integrate them into your life an teachings. Develop daily rituals to feel more connected to your body, head + heart while reducing the stress, pressure and business of every day life.



Attending Detroit Yoga Lab's 200 hour YTT in 2016 has turned out to be an incredible gift to myself, that I hope to give back to others through growing into becoming a teacher myself. Naomi's training program is deeply rooted in understanding the anatomy of asana. Through learning about the body in discussion, lecture, and in practice, I was able to gain a clearer comprehension of not only my own form in yoga practice, but also understand language and cuing in teaching that promotes a healthy and sustainable practice for students. While thorough, Naomi makes understanding anatomy relatable and practical, and isn't over complicated or over simplified. In addition to the great attention to the physical practice of yoga and learning skills of teaching, the training was a personal journey of growth for me individually, and together as a group. We learned the philosophy and history of yoga and discussed its applications to our own current lives. Naomi helped facilitate a safe space for sharing our experiences with each other. Attending each day in my training program felt like a haven of yoga/anatomy/self-growth/learning that I didn't want to end! For anyone who wants to begin their journey of understanding yoga on a more detailed level, whether you want to teach or not, I highly recommend Naomi's program!

Audrey J.

This training really opened my eyes to what Yoga teaching is truly about. I thought that teaching yoga was just calling out various postures and poses with breath. I had no idea the amount of time and preparation it takes to build a class. It was such an awesome and informative training it's hard for me to just name a couple of things that helped prepare me to teach. If I could sum it up: the teachers always were reassuring each of us as we taught, not one time did I feel discouraged or talked down to. The approach to understanding anatomy was very practical and easy to understand, especially in direct relation to the asana techniques. The knowledge I obtained about the physical and mental practice of yoga increased my love for yoga and life! If you want to understand more about your mind and body it’s time to take a leap and dive into this training.

Howard S.

Having a background in anatomy and as a personal trainer I felt very prepared for training, yet the detailed focus that Naomi places on the anatomy portion of the training gave me even more confidence in my knowledge about the body and its functions. The focus on anatomy was incredibly helpful for my personal practice as it helped define what moves led to compression and which ones I was doing correctly to give my muscles and body what it needs.Even if you just want to improve your overall practice, this training is essential to knowing the ins- and outs- of what yoga can and should do for your body. If you are anyone in the health field (nurse, personal trainer, health coach) you will benefit greatly and will be able to help your patients with multiple modalities find a form of physical activity that will benefit their body and mind.

Jacob S.

Confidence has honestly been my take home of teacher training. The lessons of movement and philosophy from training have helped me not focus so much on just making yoga poses look good. Now, I have this evolving foundation of what I'm doing and can lead others to explore and grow in their practice with mindfulness and pride.The anatomy and asana portion of training was so functional. I'd known a good amount of the anatomical names from medical school, but actually applying it to my practice was like a light bulb clicking. And it's made how I move make so much more sense. I learned much about my body and learned how to help others with various body types feel good in poses. One of the biggest impacts from training was exploring various meditation techniques. I now do walking meditations throughout my day at work. Teacher training was mentally and physically challenging. The reward and growth was totally worth it! I left feeling inspired and empowered and can't wait to share that energy with others through teaching.

Jessica R.

Naomi describes her YTT program as “Smart, Integrated, and Honest,” which is a perfect description. Expect evidence-based anatomy discussions that make sense and can be applied directly into your observation, teaching and practice. Read traditional and modern yoga texts from respected authors, and discuss them in everyday terms and thread them into your everyday life. Get honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do. Find the space to challenge yourself or back off. Make mistakes teaching, and then get better. Change your mind, or strengthen your convictions. Do all this in a safe, non-dogmatic space where you can grow and learn with amazing fellow students.This program is hard. It’s a lot of work. In fact, I’m still working on it. But my practice is solid, I’m a better leader in my work life, and my personal relationships are deeper and more open. I’m confident and comfortable.

Laura G.

I remember the day I met with Naomi to get more information on this training program, I told her how terrified I was of group settings and it’s true, large intimate settings were never my thing. On the first day, my nerves were eating me alive, especially when it came to introducing myself to 20 other strangers. As time went on though, a sense of calm grew in me because I saw how unfiltered it all was. I was embarking on a pretty transformational journey with people who shared the same fears, insecurities and interests as me. Each day I showed up I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone and I learned a valuable lesson; to be okay with some discomfort because we are all imperfect humans, doing our best to get by on a collective level. When I accepted this it was much easier to just be who I was, wherever I was. I am humbled and grateful for it all. And to anyone who is considering this training program, PLEASE TAKE THE RISK!! You are safe, it will all be worth it. Take advantage of building your public speaking and people skills, this environment nurtures that, you are in this together.

Lulu B.

I took on the adventure of teacher training because I wanted to become more knowledgeable about a practice that I love, and within that also the desire to maybe even teach. It felt like something that was so far from reach. Because of the structure of the program, the homework, and the amazing support from Naomi, I now feel so much more confident about teaching. Naomi breaks down dense information like anatomy and technique into easily understandable lessons. I have been able to truly start a home practice whereas before it wasn’t really a habit and I wasn’t feeling a connection to myself. The program can seem overwhelming to invest in financially, mentally, and timewise, but I would do it ten times over again because it meant so much on the mat and off. Whether you just want to go deeper into yoga or be a teacher this program is incredible and a great way to begin the journey.

Sydney D.

200RYT training with Detroit Yoga Lab was an experience that will stick with me the rest of my life. Naomi’s teacher training goes above and beyond with lessons on anatomy, traditional yoga texts and sequencing. Through teacher training, my confidence increased and I became prepared me to teach yoga. But the most significant outcome was that training changed me as a person. I’ve never been so in tune with my own mind and my own body. For this, I cannot have enough gratitude to DYL. So even if you just want to grow in your own practice, I would still highly recommend training at DYL. Naomi’s 200RYT training is absolutely amazing and it will fill your life with yoga knowledge, new friends and plenty of snacks!!!

Tara M.