Our Teachers

Imani Smith

I say to myself about a million times a day ``What a wonderful privilege it is to practice yoga!``

Ever since 2011 I have carried this practice so close to my heart and to be able to guide people along their yoga journey has been such a pleasure I wish to forever do as a service.

Yoga was created for everybody in every body on all levels. When you show up on your mat that's how I want you to feel. This is your time of reflection and vulnerability. Whatever warms your body and motivates you to be present and work through, give that to yourself. We all deserve the space to honor ourselves through breath and movement.

It brings me great joy to be in the present with you all! Peace and love!

Rebecca Wolf

Hi friends and welcome -- I'm so excited to practice with you.

I found my way into yoga like most folks do: I felt lost and went searching for something outside of myself and through yoga found it was within me all along. In 2017 I pursued the opportunity to live in Nicaragua and teach yoga at a surf and yoga resort where me and my husband served as co-managers. This experience helped to deepen my connection to this practice and led me to pursue my RYT-200 certification.

Yoga has been a journey of allowing me to feel (body, mind, and soul) connected to others and the universe by stripping away the excess and getting to the root of what brings us all together. It is my true desire that people find a deeper connection to themselves and leave my class feeling charged, seen, and worthy.

Dana Johnson

Dana began practicing Yoga in 2014 as a means to relieve stress, increase body awareness, and clear the mind.

Since then, Yoga has been a consistent teacher in her life both on and off the mat. In 2018, she completed her 200 YTT at aUM Yoga in Ann Arbor with a focus on Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. In 2019, she received her teaching certificate in Yin.

In her classes, Dana strives to cultivate a safe and supportive space by offering variations and encouraging self exploration through asana, meditation, and pranayama.

Rebecca Murawski

Namaste yogis. I have been guiding others in yoga practices for over 10 years and continue to be amazed at how this practice evolves within each one of us.

Each time we step onto our mats, our yoga has the opportunity to change to meet us right where we are. Whether we are feeling messy, chaotic and imperfect or centered, grounded and at ease, yoga can meet us right where we need. Sometimes it is our anchor, sometimes it is what sets us free.

In each class, I hope to provide a space for you to explore your yoga as you need and together, we will breathe, notice, flow, experience, expand and enjoy community + connection. I am looking forward to spending time with you in this transformative practice of yoga.

Paty Hinojosa

I started my practice in 2010, never imagining I’d become a yoga teacher. Through the years I found myself wanting to deepen my practice. In 2018, I completed my 200 hour training at Detroit Yoga Lab and furthered my practice with a mentorship there in 2019.

I began teaching at the studio in January, 2020. I love being able to share this practice that has helped me so much. My goal is to help students have fun while they explore their yoga practice.

Charles Rodgers

I am Charles Rodger’s I am a 200 Hour certified yoga instructor. I am a new instructor recently certified may of 2022 spring/summer, receiving my YTT certification at the Detroit Yoga Lab.

I have been working for the the Detroit Police Department for 20 years. As an instructor I have been working very hard to implement and teach yoga to officers throughout the department with humility love and grace to help officer release tension and stress that is related to the job, and the environment of policing. Prior to becoming certified I practiced yoga regularly from 2018-2021 in the privacy of my home. I quickly started to feel the benefit of the practice and wanted to learn more and join a community that embodied good principles and values.

My mission is to build a connection between people through the practice of yoga connecting all people from different backgrounds to the discovery of self ( their own self). I truly believe that self discovery starts with loving and understanding what works for you in your own body. Taking a moment of self discovery through movement and meditation can help you become in tune with your body . Come join me on this journey today!

Margaux Forster

I’m Margaux Forster (she/her). I am a recent 200-HR certified yoga teacher through Detroit Yoga Lab, equipped with a decade of experience practicing yoga.

What initially stemmed as casual stretching, transformed into a dedicated practice to cultivate mental clarity, emotional well-being, and foster a deep sense of trust and respect for my body. As a yoga teacher, my intention is to create a supportive environment for every body, allowing them to tailor their practice to meet their individual needs on any given day: a space to slow down, embrace challenges, to explore something new, or simply to breathe.

I am concurrently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health, fueling my passion for equipping individuals with the necessary tools to navigate life's inevitable challenges and triumphs. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation have been instrumental practices in my own life, and it is with deep humility and gratitude that I share these practices with all those who are open and curious.

Erin Snapp

I started exploring outdoor yoga classes around Detroit in 2018 to immerse myself into the community, which worked, but I found so much more. Most importantly, I found a way to work through all of the grief and trauma I had been holding in my body for years.

I just finished my PhD in Exercise Psychology and my passion is for developing accessible physical activity programs for individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which is what motivated me to do my yoga teacher training. I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Naomi at Detroit Yoga Lab in 2019. I have also done training for TBI specific yoga programming and will soon be pursuing an accessible yoga training.

Through my teaching, I hope to create a space that feels welcoming to everyone and to break through the misconception that yoga is only for certain people. Yoga is for everyone and for every body.

Erin Smith

Erin started practicing yoga in 2005 as a healing practice from an injury. She quickly fell in love with the practice and took the journey to become a teacher. You can expect all of Erin’s classes to be smartly sequenced, accessible to all levels, and a bit light hearted.

Erin weaves her studies from around the country into an eclectic blend of Prana Flow, vinyasa, power yoga, and yin!

Kelsey Wooten

I’m Kelsey Wooten a 200-RYT with 7 years of teaching experience. I recently moved to Detroit, Michigan after living in St. Petersburg, FL for most of my twenties. I am thrilled to embark on this fresh chapter of living in my home state and teaching at Detroit Yoga Lab.

When I stepped onto my mat 10 years ago I thought I was going to a workout class. Much to my surprise, I felt instantly centered and connected to myself, my spirit, and the people around me. I left that class floating and knew I wanted to practice yoga for the rest of my life.

I would describe my teaching style as inclusive, empowering, and playful! I bring focus to the breath, alignment, and subtle energetics while guiding asana sequences. I hope to help students see that the practice of yoga can be used as a tool to navigate and express our physical, emotional, and energetic individuality while also connecting us to a whole community. Weaving these pillars of yoga into my classes is important to me, I aim for students to walk or “float” away feeling safe to be themselves, open-hearted, and centered.

Rebecca Mennen

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who facilitates transformation in
people’s lives. I use my knowledge of energy & plant medicine, human
design, financial literacy, yoga, self-care, and spirituality to guide
others toward wholeness and alignment.

I am a mama, earth lover, rebel with a cause, and devoted to living
authentically. Today, it means living in the city with my husband and
dog, working with clients I love, and having lots of time to play and
slow down.

Alexa Busnot Marchio

Alexa Busnot Marchio is Detroit Yoga Lab's studio manager and has been teaching Yoga since 2020. With a focus on the harmonious connection of breath alongside yoga’s creative movement, Alexa believes that yoga has the power to heal both the inner and outer aspects of our lives.

In her classes, Alexa creates a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore the profound impact of breath and movement on their well-being. She hopes to inspire excitement in the art of slowing down, exploring new movements + emphasizing the importance of being present in each moment. She believes yoga is a transformative practice of self-improvement, where we, as students, are continuously striving to become the best version of ourselves on and off the mat.

Olena Tetyuk

I've played sports throughout my life and in college tried yoga as an exercise. My friend took me to my first yoga class and I remember thinking ``what am I doing here?`` It was confusing and challenging, sweaty, and somehow empowering! Yoga has been a big part of my life ever since. After a running injury in my late 20s, I turned to yoga to recover and took my teacher training soon after to be able to share the power of this practice with others!

Studying and practicing yoga philosophy over the years led me to a Zen Yoga teacher who trained us in mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork. My classes are a mixture of a few styles of yoga rounded out by a Zen practice.

Lisa Ronzello

Lisa is 200HR certified yoga instructor. She received her first certificate in 2020 from Zen Yoga Garage and in summer 2023 immersed herself again in a second 200HR training with Detroit Yoga Lab.

Through these trainings and dedication to practice Lisa has found a gentle healing within herself through breath and movement. Lisa hopes to share the gift of yoga with others so they may also find the lightness in their bodies. Lisa teaches Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Fusion.

Argy Selman

hi, beautiful people — my name is Argy + my yoga journey started right here at DYL! i’ve been teaching for 3 years + i’m honored to be back at my home studio with you all. my teachings are a delicate blend of strength, balance + breath. i cannot wait to flow together!

Tim Iles

Since 2018, I've immersed myself in yoga, culminating in completing the DYL 200-hour training in 2023. I'm drawn to yoga for its ability to cultivate focus and intention, as well as the profound depth found in each pose. My decision to become a yoga teacher stems from a desire to share the transformative benefits of yoga with others, encouraging them to embrace its remarkable gifts.

Gabbie Gordon

Yoga is a journey without a destination, and as such it took time for me to fall in love with the practice, and took years for me to realize I wanted to become a teacher. I began practicing yoga in 2015, coming and going, until during COVID I realized how vital online yoga classes had become to maintaining both my mental and physical health. Once in-person classes were available again, I realized how important finding community surrounding those ideas had become to me. I completed my 200hr YTT in the spring of 2023 from Be the Love Yoga School in Petoskey, MI. I am honored and so excited to join the DYL teacher family.

In each of my classes, I hope to cultivate a space for my students to feel that they can be their most authentic selves, making space and finding grace, to explore their hearts, souls, and bodies. I hope to provide a space where we can all share in the joy of breath and movement, connecting to one another while discovering beautiful opportunities to turn inward and reflect on what we find within.

Dana Hafer

Namaste yogis. I'm Dana, Owner of Detroit Yoga Lab. RYT 200 certified through DYL. My life purpose is me being here as a human. We don't add confusion on by asking a bird what their purpose is. They just are. And that is enough. I deeply care about others, community, sisterhood, and encouraging others to live in alignment with the highest expression of themselves. I have dedicated my life to re-negotiating my relationship to fear. The “why” which fuels my work is a soul-mission to set myself free and inspire others to do the same. I believe yoga expands beyond physical poses into healing modalities such as sound healing, meditation, breathwork, somatics, play, dance, and holding space for individuals to express their truth with a capital T. My playful spirit makes doing deep inner healing fun!