Detroit Yoga Lab is a home for people to nurture their hearts, take care of their body and dig into community and spiritual connection though yoga classes, teacher trainings, community collaborations + mindfulness focused events. We are deeply committed to helping people connect with themselves and others while leaning into the movement, meditation and mindfulness practices of the yoga tradition so we can all live more intentional and less stressed lives.  Our studio is impeccably designed yet feels like home, our instructors are intuitive and educated, yet humble as they come and we are dedicated to help you thrive.

Our Classes

Studio heated to 84 degrees. Just enough heat to create a sweet release. Curated playlists and meditation to support an uplifting practice. Skillful sequences and functional alignment to increase strength and flexibility while helping you to manifest a more intentional and less stressed life.


A dynamic flow for the student who loves a challenge, vinyasa is a rhythmic sequence of poses flowing seamlessly with your breath. During this completely guided class we help you focus on functional alignment techniques (rather than aesthetic alignment), specific breath and mindfulness practices and our instructors offer intelligent cuing and sequencing progressions to help you deepen your practice, steady your mind, strengthen and open your body so you step into your potential. We recommend taking at least 5 slow flow or fusion classes prior to joining vinyasa. Studio heated to 84 degrees.

Slow Flow

For the newer student, the student re-entering after a hiatus or the seasoned student who wants to refine alignment and build more strength + flexibility. You will move slowly and skillfully to develop awareness, learn new breathing techniques and slowly uncover layers about yourself and body on a more intimate level. Studio heated to 84 degrees.


Fusion is a perfect blend of vinyasa and slow flow. Learn conscious breathing techniques and dive deeper into functional alignment and awareness.. This class is great to begin the exploration of vinyasa, play with occasional arm balances and to build tone, strength and flexibility. Room is heated to 84 degrees.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice where we hold stretches 2 - 4 minutes to deeply nourish and stretch muscles and connective tissues (joints, ligaments, fascia) while helping balance our emotions, still our minds, release tension and calm the nervous system. Seasoned athletes and new yogis alike will create a wider range of motion in their bodies, reduce their risk of injury and experience an increase in overall energy. Yin can help us increase mobility, decrease injury and leave us feeling more balanced. Set in the peace and warmth of candlelight with the most phenomenal music playlists.


This class is the perfect blend of vinyasa and yin yoga. We begin w/ 30 minutes of dynamic movement to strengthen and heat our muscles followed by 30 minutes of passively held stretches to deeply nourish and lengthen muscles and connective tissues. This class will help relax your mind, release tension in your body and calm your nervous system.

Slow Flow Sound Bath

Through slow movements, breathwork, coordinated awareness, and sound, you will travel through layers of the self that are not often available during the daily grind. With the potential to expand consciousness and unlock creativity, this class is a favorite for community builders, artists, spiritual seekers, and those looking for connection and a deep sense of belonging. The conscious intention attained through practice will help you come home to your true nature. Please note that the sound bath portion of class does not transmit well virtually, so the last 15 minutes of class we encourage you if at home to take a long savasana.

Sunrise Yoga

Tap into your potential and awaken your body with the rhythmic flow of sun salutations for fluidity, static postures for strength + flexibility, and a mini breath practice to energize your body, focus your mind and set a positive tone for your day. These classes are designed w/ a monthly physical focus to help you advance your practice and awaken your energy to begin your day grounded, centered, and present.

A Space For Mamas: Movement, Community, Connection

Come together to honor the profound beauty and mess of motherhood. Combining mindful movement and open discussion, we will explore different topics each week and find shared connection and community in a safe space devoted just to YOU. Bring your yoga mat for a short sweet practice to nurture your body + soul, and an open heart for collective and connected conversation. Special Note: We love our littles, but we want to hold space for just you, moms only please <3

Zen Flow

In this class, we embark on a harmonious journey of mindfulness, gentle movement, yin yoga and guided meditation. Class will begin by centering your breath, flowing through gentle movements that nurture and warm the body, then settle into yin poses to release tension and cultivate stillness. The class is completed with a guided meditation with the intention of uniting body + mind so that you might take your practice with you off the mat.


FIRST TIME VIBE: We feel like home and have everything you will need here on your first visit. Wear comfy clothes, bring your water bottle and save your sweat for class!

TRIBE: We begin and end class together. Entering late +or leaving early effects the entire group. Please arrive 10 minutes early, class is closed 5 mins after start time and we ask that clients stay through the end. Please see late cancellation policies associated with your membership for fees.

CONNECTED: No cell phones or communication devices allowed in studios. If you’re waiting on an urgent call, please leave phone with front desk and we will get client if there is an emergency

SHINE: When your light burns strong, everyone’s world is brighter. If you have any concerns, you can reach directly out to us here. We are transparent and open and will help facilitate convo and connection to resolve questions.

LAUNDRY: We practice close together so we can feel each others energy…not smell each others bodies. Please don’t wear any perfume or heavy essential oils, but deodorant is always welcome.


REGISTRATION: You must pre-register to reserve your spot. If you are not able to make it to an in-studio class on time you forfeit your spot, which is non-refundable. For in-person classes, you must cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a $10 cancellation..

BOUTIQUE: We have everything you could want, from leggings to candles, yoga mats to tanks to body care. Unworn/Unopened items purchased from our shop are exchangeable only w/in 14 days of purchase.

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS: Please email us here to change or cancel your membership.

PARKING: Midtown Detroit has ample free on-street parking and a $3 lot across the street. We are equipped with bike racks!

PACKAGE EXPIRATIONS: Noted on class purchase page. Sale packages listed during promotion. All class, workshops and event packages non-refundable.