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Join your LAB teachers and our beloved community online where we’ll be practicing while our physical studio doors are closed. You must pre-register for classes  in MindBody and you’ll receive a Zoom link with easy details to join us. You can use your existing packages or buy a special priced package below! See our Schedule + Pre-register Here

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During these challenging times, we may find ourselves more drawn to and absorbed with the news and social media. Each day might contain a myriad of different emotions, thoughts, and behaviors as we navigate this new terrain. Now more than ever, it is important that we remain aware of our thoughts, words, and actions and the energy that they carry.

Join Lexi for a week of evening practice and light discussion! Pour a cup of tea, grab your favorite throw and a journal, and cozy up for some gentle yoga and meditation. We will also discuss the idea of dream work – not as a method of attributing meaning to your dreams, but as an invitation to be more present for your nightly journeys. We will explore yin postures, body scans, and breathing techniques as a way to prepare the body for sleep.

May 3 – May 9 w/ Lexi

PRICE: $40


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